Hollywood Protest Targets Carnivores

“God made cows, deers, pigs, goats and lambs for food and lambs are for sacrifice,” she told the demonstrators in a tone that brooked no argument. Then she pointed to the blow-up puppy and said, “These guys are for pets.” The protest was organized by Mercy for Animals, whose dozen or so volunteers handed out pamphlets decrying the treatment of animals farmed for food. “All animals care about their lives,” the pamphlets said. “Meat is cruelty on your plate.” Nora Kramer, 37, who works for the group, brought her dog along. Kramer said she had been vegan for 15 years “ever since I found out how the animals were treated.” Daiya, she said, was a rescue dog, named after a “really delicious” brand of vegan cheese. “Eat cats!” shouted a tattooed young man in a tank top and shorts as he passed Kramer and her fellow protesters. “A doggy,” a little girl said, tugging on her mother’s sleeve to get her attention. On her first day in Los Angeles, Beijing resident Wenlu Xie made her way down the street, examining the sidewalk stars: Milburn Stone, Bobbie Vernon, William Primrose. “I used to think I knew a lot about Hollywood. Then I read these names,” said the 26-year-old English teacher, who wore a pair of Hello Kitty eyeglass frames without lenses. Xie seemed equally intrigued by the protest.

Hollywood Man Bitten By Rattlesnake

The patient is now in good condition after being treated for the venomous snake bite. Just less than a month ago, the fire rescue unit that provided life-saving care was very close to being defunded. Jeffrey Fobb, with Miami-Dade Venom Response Team said, This bite is far less severe than the bite from last week. The animal was much smaller, the contact was short in duration because of size and length of time. Big or small any rattlesnake bite could end up fatal. The mans left hand was bitten Tuesday by a poisonous Eastern Diamondback. In this case, the M.D. Fire Venom Response Team used at least six vials to treat the unnamed victim. The normal symptoms you get with a snake bite are pain and swelling. And later symptoms are formation of vesicles or blood blisters, said Fobb. Last week the same MDVRT saved another life, pumping 28 vials of anti-venom into an Everglades National Park Ranger who was also was bit by a poisonous Eastern Diamondback . Fobb said, With a snake bite the most important thing to do is activate the EMS system, get to the hospital as quickly as you can so you can receive the appropriate medications, said Fobb. The three person V.R.T is responsible for delivering medical intervention for venomous injuries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The website says the VRT is also the largest and only anti-venom bank for public use in the United States. CBS4 Jamie Guirola learned that just last month, a budget shortfall would have taken a bite out of the VRT, seriously defunding it and reducing staff to one person. Captain Jeffrey Fobb told CBS4 Jamie Guirola that could have seriously complicated their ability to do their job in these two snake bite cases. Fobb said, Without treatment these are enzymes. The longer they are in the body the longer the person is exposed to them the more damage they do. If the VRT was defunded, Captain Fobb tells us service would have been dramatically diminished and that could have adversely affected these latest cases. That wasnt the case, but the funding question will undoubtedly come up with next years budget.