John Lennon’s Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star Defaced

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(Gillian Lomax / A Magical History Tour) Also October 7, 2013, 9:56 a.m. This post has been updated. See note below for details. John Lennons star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was defaced with graffiti and other markings over the weekend, just days before what would have been his 73rd birthday on Wednesday. Vandals scrawled messages, drew a smiley face and added other scribbling over the star on Vine Street near the Capitol Records Tower in Hollywood. The Beatles group star and the individual stars for the other members of the group were not damaged. Peace activist Jerry Rubin, who spearheads an annual celebration at Lennons star on the musician’s birthday, said Monday that the special annual public birthday celebration for John Lennon will take place as enthusiastically as ever this year. Ana Martinez, a representative for the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, which installs the Walk of Fame stars, told Pop & Hiss on Monday that I notified the Hollywood Historic Trust last night. I am sure that they are going to look into it as we speak today. I am hoping that it will get cleaned up today. Update at 11:19: A representative for Capitol Records said Monday morning, “Though it is the Chamber’s responsibility, we were out there first thing this morning attempting to clean the star,” Universal Music Group’s senior director of adminstration Jim Kuha said. “We made some great progress and then the company that installs the stars for the WOF showed up and they took over. They’re going to strip and reseal the star which should take care of it. It will look great for Wednesday’s Lennon birthday celebration.” That event will take place at 6 p.m. in front of the Capitol tower at 1750 N.

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The Player (1992) The scene: Opening shot Duration: 7 minutes, 50 seconds The backdrop: Considered the funniest tracking shot in film, Robert Altman’s story about a studio executive being blackmailed by a desperate screenwriter begins with one that features discussion over cinema’s great tracking shots, including Touch of Evil. But the best punchline: Buck Henry, who appeared in The Graduate, pitching The Graduate, Part 2, with Ben, Elaine and Mrs. Robinson living in a “big, spooky house” in Northern California. She had a stroke, but it’s a comedy, Buck explains. Boogie Nights (1997) The scenes: Opening shot, The death of Little Bill, The Big Top The backdrop: Paul Thomas Anderson’s epic about the porn industry in the 1970’s and 80’s gets left off a lot of “best” lists of tracking shots, even though it boasts three extended takes. In the Big Top , near the film’s finale, the camera follows Burt Reynolds on a 2 1/2 minute walk through his personal version of a Playboy mansion. In The Death of Little Bill, a 2:46 uninterrupted scene follows William H. Macy as he shoots his wife, her lover and himself. But the most-heralded scene comes from a nearly 3-minute opening, in which the camera swoops from the street into a San Fernando Valley nightclub that, in all, introduces eight key characters of the movie. Children of Men (2006) The scene: Car ambush Duration: 4 minutes, 8 seconds The backdrop: The only tracking shot on the list that does not follow walking actors, this brutal scene takes place almost entirely inside a car . The story about a future world where women can no longer get pregnant begins with a playful scene of Theo (Clive Owen) and Julian (Julianne Moore) flirting in a sedan, and ends with a bloody, fiery assault on their vehicle.

Hollywood Casino 400 2013 Leaderboard: Results and Updated Sprint Cup Standings

He led 138 laps and moved into third place in the Sprint Cup Standings with the win. NASCAR’s official Twitter account had this post as Harvick crossed the finish line. CHECKERS! Kevin Harvick wins the Hollywood Casino 400 at @kansasspeedway #NASCAR NASCAR (@NASCAR) October 6, 2013 Here’s a fun fact surrounding Harvick’s win, courtesy NASCAR Stats on Twitter: This is the 3rd time in 6 tries that Kevin Harvick has won a #NASCAR Sprint Cup race from the #CoorsLight pole NASCAR Stats (@NASCARStats) October 6, 2013 Kurt Busch, Jeff Gordon , Joey Logano and Carl Edwards rounded out the top five. Jimmy Johnson (sixth) and Matt Kenseth (11th) were unable to make a late push to seal a victory, but they will remain one-two in the Chase standings heading into the Bank of America 500. Here’s a look at the final results, per NASCAR . Click the link to see the full results. Hollywood Casino 400 Results 0 Harvick, Gordon, Kurt Busch and Dale Earnhardt Jr. were among the drivers whose performance gave way to a move up the leaderboard. Kyle Busch , Clint Bowyer and Ryan Newman all lost ground.Here’s a look at the updated Sprint Cup standings, per NASCAR : Updated Sprint Cup Standings Cautions Rule in Kansas Jamie Squire/Getty Images Any time there are double-digit leaders and cautions in a NASCAR race, you know it’s been a wild day. That’s exactly the way things shook out in Kansas City. As noted by the NASCAR Twitter account, the various caution flags that were waved on Sunday were no joke: WATCH: Something you don’t see every day… smoke from a brush fire brings out another caution – According to, the 15 cautions during Sunday’s race were a new record for the track in Kansas: Caution 15 (new Kansas record), lap 243, #55 into wall after breaking loose #NASCAR Jayski (@jayski_nascar) October 6, 2013 In fitting fashion, a late caution allowed Harvick to gather himself for a strong finish. ESPN’s NASCAR account had this post as the restart occurred with 19 laps to go: Restart 19 to go: 29 24 99 78 48 22 9 27 88 31 15 16 43 1 20 13 5 7 93 14 36 32 40 11 56 NASCAR on ESPN (@ESPNNASCAR) October 6, 2013 The numerous stops and starts made the action drag on a little bit longer than expected, but fans in attendance certainly got their money’s worth. Big Names Struggle to Contend Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images 2012 Hollywood Casino champion Kenseth and Johnson were the favorites to win this year in Kansas City, but each was lucky to finish in the top 11 at the end of the day. NASCAR on ESPN had comments from both drivers after the race: Jimmie: “All in all, it was just a crazy day. Whacky restarts, lots of chaos there. We rebounded from all of that and passed a ton of cars.” NASCAR on ESPN (@ESPNNASCAR) October 6, 2013 “It’s a good save for as bad as we were,” says Kenseth of finishing 11th and leading points by 3 over Jimmie. #NASCAR NASCAR on ESPN (@ESPNNASCAR) October 6, 2013 Luckily, neither driver lost ground in the Chase standings.