Justin Timberlake Told To Give Up Acting

Sandra Bullock in "Gravity"

3-D ticket sales accounted for 71 percent of that $55.5 million total, with IMAX showings contributing roughly 20 percent. In addition to the heavy-duty emotional work poured into the performances ( Bullock recently talked about that scene with MTV News), there are many other noteworthy facts to consider surrounding its record breaking weekend. The movie isn’t a sequel, or remake or an adaptation. The female lead is 49 years old; the male lead is 52. Bullock’s previous career-best opening was just a few months ago, when the action-comedy “Heat” started with $39.1 million . Clooney’s new #2 stretches all the way back to 1997’s ill-fated “Batman and Robin,” which kicked off with $42.8 million. Ben Affleck will step inside the Batman suit in 2015’s followup to “Man of Steel,” but for now, he’ll have to look forward to next year’s release of “Gone Girl” (directed by David Fincher) and his own adaptation of Dennis Lehane’s “Live By Night” (which Affleck co-wrote and will both direct and star in) because there isn’t much to celebrate about “Runner Runner” now. Despite the star power of Justin Timberlake and Affleck and an association with producer Leonardo DiCaprio, “Runner Runner” stumbled with one of the worst openings ever for a movie debuting on more than 3,000 screens (the #1 record for that belongs to “Hoot,” which featured future Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Clark Gregg in a small role). “Runner Runner” made just $7.6 million at the domestic box office. In stark contrast with “Gravity,” the gambling drama sat at just 8 percent on Rotten Tomatoes on Sunday.

(Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images) | Getty Get Entertainment Newsletters: Subscribe Follow: Haim Justin Timberlake UK Charts , Haim Justin Timberlake UK Charts Battle , Haim UK Charts , Justin Timberlake , Haim , Haim Sisters , Justin Timberlake The 20/20 Experience , Justin Timberlake The 20/20 Experience Part 2 , Entertainment News Sister act HAIM bested Justin Timberlake this week. The trio’s “Days Are Gone” album finally debuted at No. 1 in the U.K., dethroning Timberlake’s “The 20/20 Experience — 2 Of 2.” According to the Official Charts Company, Timberlake led album sales by 700, but HAIM gained momentum Thursday night (closing the sales gap by a mere 28). By Saturday night, the sisters came out victoriously with 2,100 sales. HAIM’s “Days Are Gone” includes the tracks “Don’t Save Me,” “The Wire” and “Falling” — all of which are on the U.K. top 40. “The Wire” fell from No. 16 last week to No. 24, whereas JT’s “Take Back The Night” jumped eight spots from 30 to 22. The rock girl group consists of Alana, Danielle and Este Haim, as well as their drummer Dash Hutton. Loading Slideshow Lady Gaga – ARTPOP – Nov. 11 Pop’s reigning queen of the delightfully odd recently revealed seven new songs off her forthcoming album-cum-iPhone-app, and everything we’ve heard so far suggests “ARTPOP” will be her most diverse outing yet. (She raps with T.I. and Twista and Too $hort makes an appearance!) A lot has changed since Gaga released “Born This Way” two years ago, and Katy Perry’s “Roar” handily defeated Gaga’s “Applause” in first-week singles sales, but anyone counting Gaga out is probably sorely mistaken.

HAIM Beats Justin Timberlake in UK Charts Battle

A Hollywood trade paper suggested that singer, actor, designer and all-around triple threat Justin Timberlake should stop acting and stick with music. Then the folks at Yahoo! came to his defense about why he should continue to straddle the line between both worlds. Lets revisit JTs career trajectory to see what spurred this argument. The former N Syncer took a lengthy hiatus from music to do rom coms and to take some serious roles, but he never became a huge movie star. It didnt seem like that was his intent, either. Variety addressed the fact that his new film Runner Runner tanked in Titanic-sized fashion, and suggested thats because he cant carry a film. The Variety piece pointed this out: Even if he can peddle zillions of iTunes singles or concert tickets, most of his groupies arent going to follow him to the big screen. He will never be a movie star, and its a mystery why he took such a long hiatus from music to appear in so many movies. Now that he has a hit new album, The 20/20 Experience, it might be a good idea for Timberlake to give up acting. The mag suggested that JT should follow the safe Hollywood model for singers and to continue to take smaller parts. In essence, the writer argued that JT cant carry a film, and is better as a co-lead (like with Mila Kunis in Friends With Benefits) or in a support role (The Social Network or Alpha Dog.) Yahoo!s piece countered that while the singer doesnt have an Oscar, he is likable and people go to see his movies. So what if he had a flop who hasnt? Even the Aest of A-listers like Meryl Streep and George Clooney have clunkers littering their resumes.