Mila Kunis Talks Dating, Ashton Kutcher, Her Weight And More In Glamour’s August 2012 Issue

Mila Kunis blushes, giggles at the sound of Ashton Kutcher’s name on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’

Ellen poked a little Valentine’s fun at Mila Kunis  by putting a giant picture of steady “friend” Aston Kutcher up behind her during an interview on her show.

9, 2013. Credit: Arthur Mola/Invision/AP While boyfriend Ashton Kutcher and his ex-wife Demi Moore chatted amicably while they strolled through the Burbank airport together after a shared flight on Monday, Sept. 9, what was Mila Kunis doing? The 30-year-old beauty was partying it up at the Toronto Film Festival and looking hotter than ever! PHOTOS: A timeline of Mila and Ashton’s romance Kunis hit the premiere of her new film, The Third Person, in a white Burberry Prorsum Resort 2014 crochet dress with a plunging neckline that showed off her petite frame and post-summer glow. The actress, who is usually photographed wearing casual tomboy ensembles when she’s not on the red carpet, accessorized with gorgeous drop emerald earrings and snakeskin pumps. Mila Kunis arrives at the “Third Person” premiere during the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival held at The Elgin on September 9, 2013 in Toronto, Canada. Credit: Michael Tran/FilmMagic PHOTOS: Mila Kunis’ sexy tranformation The Third Person, directed by Paul Haggis (Crash), tells the interlocking stories of three couples in three cities and stars Kunis, Olivia Wilde , Adrien Brody , Liam Neeson , Moran Atias, and James Franco , an actor she’s worked with quite a lot. “We’ve done seven or eight things together. We have a very nice shorthand with one another,” she told CityNews Toronto at the premiere. PHOTOS: Ashton Kutcher’s love life Kunis also revealed this is her first time at the Toronto Film Festival: “It’s a little crazier than I thought it was going to be!


Mila Kunis: No. Because, ultimately, whats going to happen? I show up to coffee. Im OK in my personal life. Ive never dated. I can say this honestly: I dont know what its like to date. But also, how am I going to date? Im not in one state long enough. On having a baby Glamour: Do you feel pressure to have a baby? Mila Kunis: This isnt the right time for me to have one, but I do want a family. Id rather be in love and have a baby than have a movie. On expressing her politics through art Glamour: Do you fund-raise for Obama? Mila Kunis: More like street-art-based stuff in Los Angeles that I cant talk aboutbecause Im pretty sure its illegal. Glamour: You graffiti? Mila Kunis: Mm-hmm.

PHOTOS: ‘THAT ’70S SHOW’ STARS – THEN AND NOW “So Valentine’s Day is coming up. It’s tomorrow, I believe,” DeGeneres said. “Is that a big day for you?” “Yes and no,” Kunis revealed. “I’ve never really put much emphasis on it. I’ve been single through Valentine’s Day. I’ve been in a relationship. Either way I’m fine with it.” “If you had someone, I don’t know if you do or not,” DeGeneres said, as she continued playing coy with the actress. “But if you had someone in your life to spend Valentine’s Day with, what would an ideal Valentine’s Day date be?” Danny Moloshok/AP Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have been dating out of the limelight for almost a year. “I really don’t know,” Kunis said. “The truth is I don’t know. I think something simple, sweet, meaningful, is great. I love flowers. So flowers are nice. Chocolates.

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