The Demise Of The Electric Guitar In Music

You have to be completely musically unconscious to not to have seen and heard that. And I read the stats and watch the revenue numbers involving EDM, where you could see the big money of the major promoters and record labels making their moves to claim their piece of it over the last year. Its usually a sign that a trend is about to peak as the big brands move in to stake their claim and squeeze every last drop of financial juice out of it that they can, as seems to be happening at the moment. You read and absorb all this data, but sometimes it just doesnt sink in as it should. Needless to say I was unprepared for my recent mini-revelation. You see, I spent the last week on a cruise ship visiting various resort towns in Florida and the Caribbean. No big deal there, except for the background soundtrack that I was hearing literally everywhere I went. It was entirely EDM-based. Every shop (and I mean every single one of them, even those that favored the old hippie crowd) played a modern version of disco with lots of synthesizers, effects and female vocalists, a formula that seems just as ubiquitous as the guitar-based sound of the British Invasion, metal, punk or grunge was in its time only this one doesnt have a guitar in it (or has one thats cleverly disguised as a synthesizer or printed low in the mix). Whats more, none of the bands on the cruise ship carried a guitar player, which was also the case with the musical acts on land at the various ports of call as well. The music I can understand, but downsizing the guitar player? Now just for the record I spent much of my adult life as a professional guitar player, then as a recording engineer and producer, and have a lot of experience working in all genres of music. Im not passing judgement here, and you wont be hearing any music has lost its way speeches from me. I believe that change is healthy and all trends cycle like the pendulum of a old Grandfathers clock slowly all the way to one side, then slowly all the way to the other, then back again. Its neither good nor bad, it just is.

Bridging Gaps Through Music: An Interview With Student and Musician, Chris Seepersaud

Pop legend, and no stranger to headlines, Miss Britney Spears joins her on the track, MS, with Cyrus showing us her rapping skills, or lack thereof, it still serves as a must listen on the album. For more, visit for all your Miley needs. 2. Panic! at The Disco-‘Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die!’ (Atlantic records) Pop-electro band Panic! At the Disco is ready to release their fourth coming studio album since 2011,Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die! Staying true to the band’s sound, the album offers all the modern synthesizers, disco beats, and vocal range from the bands front runner, and once “emo-heartthrob” Brandon Urie. The lead single and music video Miss Jackson ft. Lolo, directed by Jordan Bahat, shows a very cool Urie in an throwback Las Vegas motel, with echoing vocals, it lends to a slightly noir feel. The album features a slew of high-energy songs, and the most introspective songwriting from Urie to date. This is Gospel, the second single starts off with an underlying heartbeat, layered with synthy vocals that captivates listeners with a mixture of drum beats and poppy rhythms.

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And I’m not saying that rock musicians or white people can’t make as good music, I’m not being that way, but when you know that a group has been persecuted and couldn’t be loud anywhere except in their homes and the church, there’s just so much emotion that you can feel there that you can’t get in other genres. Black music, in general, has a big influence on me. The Fugees’Quiet Stormand Lauryn Hill and everything she did and all the way to the neo-soul artists like Erykah Badu and Jill Scott. I know you’ve played at churches a lot. What’s the appeal there? Is it because of your faith or is it some other factor? I don’t really follow one denomination. We’re all in this together so I don’t think its right to limit yourself to one set of beliefs or one set of rules. Churches are where the fire is. You always find the best, at least in my opinion, the best music. The reason I love playing at churches, particularly baptist churches, is the energy. They’re playing for God and they take what they do very seriously.