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Kudos goes to NinjaKiwi for Monkey Defense Tower 3. This is a gamer’s coup for fun. What an outrageous experience. If you are playing Monkey Tower Defense 3 you better be careful, it is addictive. The fun lies in the simplicity of it all and you will end up playing for hours.

Anyone who played earlier varieties will immediately see the improved graphics in Monkey Tower Defense 3. There is also a better variety of weapons and several cool surprise elements. It is readily evident that huge efforts went into improving this design over the earlier versions.

For those who never played Monkey Tower Defense 3, the idea of the game is simple. Lay out your towers at strategic points on the map and stop the balloons from getting across to “safety”. In the game, consider the balloons as invaders into your country. They will suddenly appear out of thin air. Pop the balloons before they get past your defenses.

In Monkey Tower Defense 3 there are of course several different levels (eight in all) based on difficulty. There are typical easy, medium and hard levels. In each level you get to earn money by popping the balloons. Has you advance in levels you can spend your monies on different defenses to help you fight the invading balloons.

If I were you though, I would not buy any of the advanced defenses in Monkey Tower Defense 3 any time soon. I would wait until your current defenses are no longer sufficient to handle the task. The more advanced the defense the more expensive it is too purchase so money management in this game becomes tricky.

Money management might even be the hardest part of the Monkey Tower defense 3. Perhaps a few tips might be in order here. For instance, road spikes and the pineapple bombs are expensive. Buy and use these sparingly. Better tactics for Monkey Tower Defense 3 would be to sell off towers that you put in the wrong places on the map. If they are not helping you there is no sense in keeping them.

The really fun part of Monkey Tower Defense 3 is the balloons. Each balloon has a different strength. Red ones are the weakest, brown ones are the strongest. It may take several shots to pop a brown balloon while it may only take one to get a red.

With each new level, the balloons become a little fiercer, faster, and stronger. You will need to build up your strong defenses at the exit tracks to help get all the balloons. In Monkey Tower Defense 3, your defensive strategy to stop these balloons from getting by you is the key to victory.

If you haven’t played Monkey Tower Defense 3 yet, now is the time to get started. Just don’t play on a work night, it is very addictive and you may end up go to work tired.