Why Box-office Surprises Are Becoming More Common

Its easy to imagine that the light reaching the pixel contains no information about the original scene. That isnt the case. To see why, imagine repeating this process many times, each with the micro-mirrors arranged in another random pattern. The signals picked up by the single pixel may seem random but in fact they are correlated because they all come from the same sourcethe original scene. So the trick behind compressed sensing is to analyse the data in a way that finds this correlation. Once the correlation is known, it is relatively straightforward to reconstruct the original scene. That produces a simple 2D image with a resolution that depends on the number of single pixel samples that have been taken. Making 3D image is straightforward too. For this, the scene must be illuminated by a laser light and the single-pixel circuitry gated so that it is sensitive for a short instant after the illumination, when the light bounces back. In this way, it is possible to sample light that returns from a specific distance from the camera. And by changing the timing of the gating, it is possible to build up an entire 3D image. Thats essentially what Howland and co have done. But theyve gone further than previous single pixel cameras by producing a video of a moving object. One limitation of this technique is that it can take minutes or even hours to build up enough single pixel samples to create a high resolution image. Howland and co have speeded things up with a digital micro-mirror that can display some 1400 different random patterns each second.

Movie tracking

And it doesn’t cover the way consumers make choices anymore.” This summer, several movies were damaged by inaccurate tracking. “The Lone Ranger,” “The Wolverine” and “The Hangover Part III” were said to have “underperformed” when they had openings at least $10 million below estimates. All went on to sputter domestically after bad word of mouth and speedier-than-anticipated exits from the multiplex. PHOTOS: All-time box office leaders Even a hit film can fall victim to bad tracking. “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2” opened as the No. 1 movie at the box office but is seen as having underperformed by grossing $10 million less than estimates predicted. When movies exceed expectations, they generate positive buzz that can increase returns. Last weekend, “Gravity” took in $55 million $10 million more than the most optimistic pre-release surveys indicated it would earn. Summer’s superhero film “Man of Steel,” horror flick “The Conjuring” and the thriller “Now You See Me” earned many millions more than the tracking predicted. “You can say, ‘The testing was great,'” said one respected studio marketer who, like other top executives interviewed for this story, declined to be identified for fear of jeopardizing his industry standing. “But you know in your heart you don’t believe in the testing anymore. And if you do, you’re fooling yourself.” Because of the sheer volume of movies being released 660 last year as well as seismic social media changes, tracking service executives say, pre-release audience awareness and anticipation have never been more difficult to gauge.

Today’s Horror Movies and Thrillers: Why They’re Scary

End of the World Disasters The world didnt end in 2012 , but end of the world movies arent going anywhere. From the recent comedies This Is The End and The Worlds End to intense drama-thrillers like 2012, The Day After Tomorrow and Melancholia, the popularity of the end-of-the-world genre continues to rise. Who can say when, if, or how the world as we know it will end? Thats what makes these movies so thrilling and worrisome possible situations like these could happen, but will anything like this happen in our lifetimes? These films capture the audiences fear of the unknown. The premises are easily relatable, and this justifies the moviegoers realistic fear. The Zombie Apocalypse Zombies are everywhere. From AMCs hugely popular The Walking Dead to Brad Pitts World War Z, we cant get over our fear of a zombie takeover. The zombie genre has a long history , but todays zombie features strike fear in moviegoers because of how theyre presented. An infection that were all carrying, and the guarantee of turning when you die, whether youre bitten or not? The zombie plague of Walking Dead is just this and that adds to the fear factor. The promise of seeing your friends, family and fellow survivors suffer such a terrible fate makes the possibility of a zombie apocalypse that much scarier. And with no true cause or cure for zombie-itis, its hard to be prepared though the CDC does have some Zombie Preparedness articles to look through if youre worried about an impending zombie takeover. Government Takeovers White House Down and Olympus Has Fallen were both released in 2013, and both cover the topic of attacks on the White House.